Fall/Winter Meat Bundle Gift Pack

  • Fall/Winter Meat Bundle Gift Pack

Fall/Winter Meat Bundle Gift Pack


A collection of 4 of our popular blends for those comfort foods that we all love.


Authentic Chili/Tacos - Turn your everyday tacos or chili into an authentic Mexican meal with our blend of warm chiles, sultry cumin, vibrant coriander and other spices. The mild heat means you can make your tacos tame or add more to make “three-alarm” chili!

Hearty Beef Stew - Distinctive slow cooked New England favorite, and one of our best selling spice blends. Perfect with beef, venison, or game. Create hearty, one pot family meals with rich traditional flavors

Italian Meatballs - This classic no sugar blend brings a taste of the old country to your homemade meatballs. Great for making your own or enhancing the taste of store bought sauce

Savory Meatloaf - For the best meatloaf you’ll ever taste, our spice blend is unbeatable. An all time favorite, our meatloaf spice blend turns run of the mill meatloaf into an incredible savory sensation.