Our story starts in the heart of the home where relationships and connections happen - in the kitchen. 

We believe that anyone can be a fabulous cook and that cooking should be fun and easy. We are passionate about making cooking delicious and simple and want you to have confidence in the kitchen so that you explore more recipes. Most of all, we believe that time with your family is important.

What if we took the stress away from meal planning so that you could have a delicious and healthier meal on your table in less time? What if we could make planning meals take less time, leaving more time for those relationships and connections?

At Healthy Solutions Spice Blends, we do exactly that with our fabulous spice blends starter kits. Each packet has an easy to follow recipe on the back, with easy to find ingredients. There's no need for a cupboard full of different spices. We've made a perfect match of spices that you need for a recipe in a simple and resealable packet.

We hope that you enjoy these starter kits as much as we do. If you do, we'd love to hear from you. If not, you have nothing to lose.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly refund your purchase price.