No Salt/No Sugar Collection

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  • No Salt/No Sugar Collection

No Salt/No Sugar Collection

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Add delicious flavor to your food without adding unwanted salt or sugar. Your meals don't have to be flavorless and bland. In fact, you'll discover that a no salt or sugar diet is not only healthier for you, but can also be some of the best food you've ever tasted.


Included in this collection of 8 NO SALT/NO SUGAR spice blends:

CAJUN SEAFOOD brings the taste of New Orleans home with our blend of paprika, garlic, onion and the mild heat of smoky cayenne pepper.

PERFECT STEAK has just the perfect blend of rosemary, garlic & onion to beef up the flavor of your select cut.  So versatile that you will want to try it on pizza and vegetables too.

PORK & POULTRY RUB with an aromatic blend of fruits & herbs.

SESAME GINGER TUNA,  our blend of warm sesame and ginger accented with onion and other spices.

HERB CRUSTED TILAPIA, our blend of green herbs, lemon peel and garlic offer delicate flavors for Tilapia or chicken.  

SALMON WITH DILL, a delicate bouquet of dill and spices. 

ENCRUSTED HADDOCK, our blend of aromatic celery, garlic and onion teamed up with lively cranberry and other spices to add depth and flavor to any fish or chicken. 

AUTHENTIC CHILI/TACOS, our blend of warm chiles, sultry cumin, vibrant coriander and other spices.