Grilling Favorites Collection

  • Grilling Favorites Collection

Grilling Favorites Collection


Grilling just makes food look and taste fantastic so add some healthy sizzle to your summer BBQs without sacrificing taste. Whether you are a backyard grill master looking to sizzle-up up your favorite meats or just looking for a healthier alternative in creating a flavorful meals, this collection offers it all.  

Includes 5 of our all time grilling favorites: 

BOLD BEEF RUB, our #1 seller that enhances any cut of beef with rich juicy flavors; 

ULTIMATE BURGER, with fresh-tasting green onion, sweet bell peppers, black pepper and other spices to turn up the flavor volume on your hamburgers;

PERFECT STEAK, one of our no salt/no sugar blends with just the perfect blend of rosemary, garlic & onion to beef up the flavor of your select cut;  

SALMON WITH DILLone of our no salt/no sugar blends with a delicate bouquet of dill and spices for an easy and elegant meal; 

GRILLED SWORDFISH, delivers the sweet and tangy notes of lemon balanced by white pepper and garlic.